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Life landscape

November 21, 2009
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I’ve had this picture in my head for a while and I’m now at the point that I’d like to share it. The picture is of a wide landscape which represents my life. My life goes from the left to right and as we move across time passes. On the left I cant see much on the very far edge, I’m young and I hate to say many of my memories have faded, it’s a bit misty. As time moves on there are hills and valleys, but on the whole its all fairly flat. The sun is high in the sky and even in the valleys it’s still pretty bright. Moving on there are a few valleys that are deeper and although they are lush and green on the way down the climb back up is rough, barren, hard and difficult to climb.  In the centre of the picture I see the last few years. After a fairly deep and grim valley there begins to be  beautiful flowers on the ground, slowly more and more till you reach a lush stunning garden full of colour and light. The flowers and beauty represent the time hubby and I were falling in love and the garden our wedding. The flowers continue out of the garden to the next landmark, a stunning glass prism, which as the light from sun strikes it floods the time from then on with an amazing rainbow of colours. The prism is the birth of our son. For a while the landscape continues with this wonderful scene , then all of a sudden the serenity is broken by a huge dark pillar of stone. The stone is by far the highest point on the whole horizon and it casts a shadow far to the right, but as time goes on the shadow weakens in its intensity and the light of the sun is more visible.  At the base of the stone is a tiny climbing plant and as time passes this grows and eventually covers the dark bare stone in leaves of green and bright ruby red flowers. The stone is still large and makes the future quite dark, at least to start with, but in time stone is beautiful too.

Dearest Abi, may our love for you just grow and grow.

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  1. livingintherainbow permalink
    November 21, 2009 8:59 PM

    wow this is a beautiful image! Rich in meaning and symbolism. I love the image of beauty out of the pain too and I am sure you will grow to see that reality of that. I am sure you will find lots of ways to remember Abi and that this will be beautiful for you both

  2. December 3, 2009 3:03 PM

    That is one of the more poignant posts I have read in a long time. While our situation is not identical (loss of our 6 month old Olivia), the panoramic image of your life , overshadowed by a monolithic event brought me to tears this morning.

    The promise of regrowth and a lightening of the shadows is such a hopeful message I will try to carry forward with me. It’s posts like these that keep me going. Striving for the new day.

    Thank you,


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